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The International Festival of Language and Culture - organized by the International Association of Turkish Language (T?RK?EDER) - is an annual celebration and showcase for the diversity of linguistic talents from across the world. The International Festival of Language and Culture in two categories: The Cultural Fest and The Turkish Olympiad.

The International Festival of Language and Culture first started in 2003 and proceeded with only 17 countries participating. Whereas last year, 145 countries took part in this event with more than 2000 participants.

The mission of The International Festival of Language and Culture is to be both a resource and an advocate for the value of diversity and inclusion. The IFLC is serving to support young students around the world learning the Turkish language. It also gives them an opportunity to promote their own cultures to their peers from around the world and to local audiences. It is our mission to support and promote fellowship and dialogue amongst the youth of all cultural backgrounds.

We are trying to promote research, learning, and information exchanges in support of peace, friendship, and understanding. Students try to engage with the visitors and the local community through initiating and participating in social, cultural, and educational activities. They are building strong ties and lasting friendships, and raising hopes for world peace.

Respect, tolerance, and goodwill are the keystones to enjoying the diversity of our world. We are all linked together in a world created for all of us to share and enjoy. Each member of humanity has a potential contribution to make to the whole. It is our duty to encourage and promote that contribution.

We set a distance between ourselves and that which is foreign. Communities and nations tend to be defensive about communities and cultures with which they are not familiar or do not communicate with. Dialogue is the key to overcoming this state of communicative failure. Dialogue is the most fundamental rule for achieving a lasting, universal peace. Through dialogue, people, nations, and countries can get to know each other as equals, and stereotypes and fears will be replaced by peace and fellowship.

It is no coincidence that the official song, repeated by all those who are involved in the efforts to build a new world of hope and beauty, has the following revolutionary lyrics: “I saw a luminous future in my dream one night / Lights were silently pouring down everywhere / It was like a harmoniously working clock / Dark nights had gone away / A new world! A new world! / They were building a new world / Everywhere sparkled like the skies / They were building a new world.”

Diversity is our treasure and the festival aims to serve this commitment to global community.

President of Ceremony

M.L. Panadda Diskul

Thailand's Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister Office

...Young people from all over the world from so many countries will have a unique opportunity to come together...

    Br.Armin Luistro

    Philippines's Department of Education

    ...We use the wealth of our own individual cultures to shape a world that is mindful of diversity but grounded in tolerance and peace...

      Altinbek Maksutov Askarovic

      Kyrgyzstan's Minister of Culture and Tourism

      ...We enrich our souls by getting to know our cultures and recognizing beauty of each language...

        Dr.Fenella Mukangara

        Tanzania's Minister of Information, Culture and Sports

        ...The festival gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in presenting the culture and traditions of their respective countries....

          Luis Antonio Ferrao

          Mozambique's Minister of Education

          ...He offered the festival to be done in support ofMozambican Government in a larger field...

            Ilir Meta

            Albania's Speaker of Paliament

            ...it was clear how small lthe world has become, and these children come together with a dream for a better world...

              Hélène Conway-Mouret

              Member of the Senate of France

              ...These young people will have to represent the future, to vote, to become leaders who will represent this desire of peace, of living together...

                Her Excellency Dr. Aisha L. Abdullahi

                African Union Commissioner for Political Affairs

                ...It is amazing; the songs, the dances,the colors and beautiful combination of people. ...

                  Sir Peter Cosgrove

                  Governor-General of Australia

                  ...What you are actually doing here is helping with that,you are inspiring peace through understanding, equity and tolerance...

                    Andrei Gerea

                    Former Minister of Economy

                    ...Seeing these students from different cultures is just like different colours shining all together...

                      Svenja Schulze

                      Germany Minister of Innovation, Science and Research

                      ...Events that encourage young people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds to share their experiences...

                        Charles Michel

                        Belgium's Prime Minister

                        ...Symbol of openmindedness it was phenomenal to experience such a night reflecting these values....

                          Last Year Success

                          IFLC 2015

                          Last year’s Festival was blessed by many dignitaries, including Martin Schulz, President of the EU, and the Prime Ministers of Belgium and Australia. Such support shows that it is possible to build peace and acceptance from the ground up – that today’s students will be tomorrow’s leaders. They are our best hope for a world of co-existence. And they’re already being noticed by today’s leaders for their incredible contributions to tolerance, dialogue, and diversity Our mission is to encourage learning, research, and information. Through a meeting of cultures, students will see that we are all just one thread of a vibrant human tapestry Students will have the opportunity to showcase their own culture.

                          Contact Information

                          • +66 2347 2284
                          • 10/2 Soi 67 Chalermprakiet Rama 9 Dokmai Prawet Bangkok 10250 Thailand

                          These are some testimonials that have been sent in to us.

                          IFLC has been an amazing experience for me because I've gotten to meet so many people while having fun! Sooo fulfilling and fun to be part of the show.

                          PORNNAPA ROEMARUNRONG

                          IFLC Attended Student
                          I am so grateful to have been a part of IFLC. We performed in the show and it is the best ever! Everyone is so friendly and we had the best time!

                          PEERATCHAI CHOUNGSOM

                          IFLC Attended Student
                          I have made some amazing memories and great friends that I will have for the rest of my life. Since joining, I have built up my self-confidence and attitude.

                          Surakeat Wangpithak

                          IFLC Attended Student

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